• Award-winning, internationally-experienced Creative Director 

• Successfully led creative teams for major brands such as: U.S. Bank, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Amazon and Nike 

• Prolific idea generator, vast knowledge of media, international cultures, brand strategy, digital, customer experiences, experiential and advertising

• Holistic knowledge of marketing, advertising, experiential and branding

• Proven inspirational and motivating leader, team-builder, and mentor  

• Articulate speaker, copywriter and storyteller with excellent communication skills


Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Timothy Rose, an award-winning, international creative director who has continually championed some of the the world’s biggest brands as well as built successful start-ups from the ground up. I helped build Amazon’s in-house creative department, ran Coca-Cola’s advertising in Europe, traveled the world producing new, visionary work for Starbucks, and supervised major campaigns for U.S. Bank, Anheuser-Busch, Horizon Organic, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Nike and many more. 

For the past years I have been tirelessly working on brands with a strong ethical and environmental vision. I have been at the helm in the branding, development and holistic advertising for purpose-driven leaders such as Mary's Gone Crackers, Cascadian Farms, Muir Glenn, Vitanova Organic, Horizon Organic and Evolution Fresh. My personal mission to help make the planet healthier has guided me to build a non-profit called The Answers Project. This non-profit addresses the global need for answers to life's most pressing questions delivered by hidden tribal elders around the world. I offer passion, mentorship and unhindered creativity to any organization.



creative director • gmr marketing/omnicom • milwaukee — 2018-2019

• Helped grow the U.S. Bank account into a multi-million dollar business for GMR

• Mentored and led a team of designers, digital, social and film production to create experiences for U.S. Bank, Angostura, Farm to Fork and Aardvark Straws

• Produced experiential work at The Atlantic Festival, with the CMA Foundation, The Minnesota Vikings, NCAA Final Four and more

creative director • timothy rose creative direction • san francisco/milwaukee — 2013-present

• Created a virtual agency of top industry talent to champion up and coming purpose-driven brands around the world in the organic-natural sector

• Built the strategy and vision for experiential, digital and holistic marketing for clients such as Michael David Winery, Vitanova Organic and Mary’s Gone Crackers

• Built and co-led a non-profit, The Answers Project, traveling the world to create documentaries of tribal elders and preserve indigenous cultures and languages


creative director • mktg.inc. • san francisco — 2013-2014

• Built the strategy and vision for experiential, digital and holistic marketing programs for clients such as Nike, Amazon, Nintendo and YouTube 

• Led major rebranding for Mary’s Gone Crackers. Developed multi-channel advertising including POS, trade show design, experiential, video and print 

• Transformed young creatives through mentoring. Led both the MKTG internal creative team of art directors, producers, event planners, designers and writers

• Developed the creative content for Nike’s highly-successful, national advertising campaign for “Turkey Bowl” 

• Won the Amazon account, created a national Amazon Student concert series resulting in increased revenue for Amazon through their sales to students nationwide


global concept manager • starbucks • seattle — 2011-2012

• Built a new cannon of brand-centric art for cafés worldwide to align with new, international brand identity 

• Traveled the world with World Press/National Geographic, award-winning photographers and artists to redesign the Starbucks image 

• At the forefront of the launch, naming and design of Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh brand and stores


international creative director • mangokite • seattle — 2009-2013

• Founded an online, virtual agency with former Publicis colleague

• Devised new advertising campaign for Microsoft’s Bing and HP 

• In charge of the successful building of the first in-house creative department for Amazon 

• Built a national, advertising, video and digital campaign surrounding the new Amazon app


associate creative director • sterling rice group • boulder — 2005-2008

• Built a strong creative team to tackle holistic advertising for environmental brands such as Muir Glen, Cascadian Farms, Horizon Organic

• Hired and mentored a large team of more than 30 creatives in house and external partners


creative director • publicis • vienna, austria — 2003-2005

• Pitched and won the entire Coca-Cola line for Publicis resulting in 30% market share increase in Europe

• Assumed the helm of the creative department and hired the entire creative team of twenty creatives

• Launched the successful “My Coke Music” program in five countries including the Coke Concert Series

• Successfully re-branded the Fanta line for Europe through innovative, award-winning campaigns 


creative director • zer021 • turin, italy — 2000-2003

• Won the Yahoo! account for Europe, produced award-winning international television, event, web and print work for 28 markets

• Built Zer021 into an award-winning regional powerhouse in Italy in two years by bringing in accounts

• Produced award-winning work for The Winter Olympics, Bacardi, Fila, Yahoo! and Bombay Sapphire




School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA



Media Key Award: TV Spot “Horn” for Yahoo! 

Clio Award: The Children’s Hospital “It’s all better”

AIGA Awards: Promotional Piece

Addy Awards: TV Spot Silver • Compact Disc • Magazine • Promotional Piece • Direct Mail • Poster Design



Not everything I have learned has come from working in advertising. In 2017, I traveled to Borneo to live with the Dayak Ma'anyan people to interview their elders and help preserve their culture.

Not everything I have learned has come from working in advertising. In 2017, I traveled to Borneo to live with the Dayak Ma'anyan people to interview their elders and help preserve their culture.


What People Are Saying About Timothy Behind His Back.



One word...WOW!


Peter Kranner

Managing Director

Publicis Europe - Vienna, Austria


Timothy stepped into our planning sessions for a new year on an 8+ year client, and provided a fresh viewpoint that breathed new creative life into our work. Never before had we seen the clients so thrilled with the results of our designs and build-outs, and we owe that in large part to Timothy's vision.

Pete Durbin

Account Director

GMR Marketing/Omnicom - Chicago

I recommend working with Timothy Rose. He is a masterful concept generator and is very skilled in copy writing, ad design, video execution and creating experiences. He has been very valuable to our organization in client relationships and pitches as the lead creative on a number of initiatives.


Rob Deal

VP, Creative Services, Studio West,

MKTG. Inc - San Francisco



I had the pleasure of working with Tim after he commissioned me for a Starbucks global creative campaign. He has boundless passion and creativity and is well versed in almost every medium. His unique perspectives have created clever campaigns and he has the tenacity and work ethic to bring them to life.


Ami Vitale

World Press Award-Winning Photojournalist, Nikon Spokesperson,

National Geographic



I worked with Tim on several projects ranging from television to print, and he was always a creative force bringing a thoughtful approach to the execution of our creative brief. He is creative, but still allows for collaboration to ensure that the work that gets produced is able to drive the required results.


Vaughn Schermerhorn

Senior Marketing Manager, Brand and Mass Advertising

Amazon - Seattle



He was deeply involved in developing successful campaigns for several clients, notably The Children’s Hospital, CollegeInvest and Horizon Dairy. He also had the main responsibility for broadcast production on those businesses with high quality results, as his reel will attest. Tim is an exceptionally talented musician, composer and music producerand he put those skills to work with very good effect for his clients. Tim is well-traveled, broadly educated, has a flare for language and loves good food. He can be a most engaging companion. 


Alan Webb

Senior Creative Director/Partner

Sterling-Rice Group - Boulder, Colorado


Timothy is a creative force, combining a visionary approach with a host of talents. I had the opportunity to experience his leadership on a range of projects and brands including U.S. Bank, Angostura and Aardvark Paper Straws. Timothy strives to get the most out of his teams, and works hard to inspire excellence. He has a knack for sparking ideation, and finding new, relevant ways to tell the brand story. His work speaks for itself.

Ryan Carter

Senior Art Director

GMR/Omnicom - Milwaukee

Introducing Tim into my team brought a real quantum leap for our work in the Publicis office in Vienna. He came at this time directly from Italy, where he had worked for a few years. I hired him based on a recommendation from another creative director whose work I deeply admire. And he was right. Tim didn’t only present absolutely new creative approaches, story lines, great copy concepts or graphic solutions as a very experienced ad-allrounder, no, he was also extremely encouraging and pushing the team spirit with lots of ideas in the field of creative human resources. 


Christoph Wanzel

Executive Creative Director

Publicis Groupe - Vienna, Austria



I’ve hired Tim for high-level agency projects for major clients, and for lower-profile personal projects (like designing jackets for my band’s CDs). In every case, he brought a level of creativity and professionalism far beyond my expectations -- which were pretty damned high to begin with. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, he’s a great guy, and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat


Tim Halpin

Creative Director

Arnold Worldwide



Tim is a world traveler, a kindred spirit and a great person to collaborate with on any type of creative endeavor. Always full of energy and big ideas, Tim is someone you can count on to pull out that essential nugget that brings a campaign to life. Great examples of his work include the Schoolhouse Rock-style commercials he did for Horizon Organic Milk and the touching campaign work he did for The Children’s Hospital – including coming up with their “It’s all better” tagline.”


Ben Edwards

Creative Director

Sterling-Rice Group - Boulder, Colorado



Tim Rose’s art direction has star quality. Had he not spent a number of years diverted by pursuing rock and roll, you would already have heard of him, and would have seen his work in the major art direction, advertising and design annuals. Now that he is back focusing on art direction, any agency that wants to produce great work would be wise to grab him. I would myself, but he has his sights set higher and they should be. He has the ability to make his mark at the highest levels of our profession.


Here’s what Tim does exceptionally well:

1. Concept. He understands the difference between a good design and a good idea. And he can create a flurry of great concepts in a stunningly short time. 

2. Design. His is often surprising, and is unerringly beautiful. His composition, type and image choices are exquisite.

3. Interaction. Despite his exceptional talent, people like him. He has all the superior talent one needs to become a prima donna, be he hasn’t. He can disagree with  you without getting testy and works very well in agency teams, and with clients. He worked directly for me at MK Advertising for five years. His work for me was primarily print, but I can say without   hesitation that he has the skill to art direct  print, TV or even multimedia projects that will compete nationally and internationally with the finest work.


Paul Maring

Former Partner

Maring + Kanefield, Dovetail - St.Louis



I highly recommend Tim Rose for employment and business opportunities you have with your company. I have worked with Tim directly on several advertising and design projects and found him to be imaginative, resourceful, tenacious and extremely talented. He brings an energy and quality to assignments that improve the results significantly. That, and he’s sure not a bad guy to have a beer with. Please feel free to call me if you want to hear me ramble on in person about how much I enjoy Tim’s work.


Mark Ray

Owner, Principal, Chief Creative

NORTH - Portland



It is my honor to write for Timothy Rose. It was a pleasure for me to work with Tim for one year. Having landed as an alien onto Ukrainian ground, Tim effectively adopted to the new environment. He managed not only to create exciting advertising, but he also improved client-agency relationship. He was beloved by account people in the agency. Tim considerably improved cooperation between creative department in the agency and the rest of the agency team. He also contributed much to the creative culture of the agency. Tim respects deadlines, but does not compromise quality. He was very good in getting the best out of limited resources. Before he left the agency, which was the sad news for all the team, our agency gained an image of one of the most creative agencies in the market. 


Yuriy Kogutiak


Bates Worldwide - Kyiv, Ukraine



This letter is a testimonial to all interested that is was a sincere pleasure working with Timothy Rose during the past two and 1/2 years. Tim is a wonderful art director and creative director, a professional with the capacity not only to work wonderfully but also to improve the quality of the agency atmosphere. To work as his partner was for me a beautiful experience. His vision is always very high and his competence is deep concerning all aspects of advertising. His method to confront the work comes from a profound knowledge of strategy and concept. Maybe his best attribute is to freely let his mind explore new creative approaches, original and unusual. Tim has a unique personal style that has matured over the years and his knowledge of computer graphics, logo design, photography and music are all at the highest level.


Dario Berra

Partner and Creative Director

ZER021 - Italy



I had the honor of briefly working with Tim on a quick-turn project for a very challenging client and was immediately impressed with his level of professionalism, insight, and level-headed approach to the work. He helped enhance and refine the message we were trying to tell the audience, and infused a layer of elegant simplicity into the story-arc. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with Tim again in the future.


Drory Ben-Menachem

Creative Director

Smashing Ideas - Seattle



Tim is extraordinary with his design and creative process. He finds the most unsuspecting elements from within and creates monumental and striking imagery. Tim is an explorer; he hones his craft by engaging in life; traveling is his muse; whether it is exotic foods, cultures, or music. It is all part of the package that makes him unique and unpredictably clever with his design. He has a knack of understanding and finding ways to interpret the most beneficial perspective of everything. Tim is a free spirit with his feet planted deep in the ground. He delivers. He proved himself many times over for Creatives On Call. Winning the hearts of colleagues along the way.


April Koenig


Creatives on Call - United States



I am recommending a gentleman by the name of Tim Rose. Tim is a terrific art director/creative director who has spent a lot of time working in Europe. I really like Tim. He’s quick, has a great eye and is a good concept person. We use him every time he is in the US. I know how hard it is to find good people. 


Bob Cuneo


Brado - St.Louis



Tim is a creative director (or art director, if you wish) extraordinaire, combining his talents for conceptual thinking, design, music and the written word, to make advertising that rocks. He is a renaissance man for the 21st century.


Marie Ostarello

Creative Director

Sterling-Rice Group - Boulder, Colorado



I had the pleasure of working with Tim at Sterling-Rice Group as his editor. Tim was continually challenging me on grammar rules, which would seem strange for any ordinary art director, but for Tim, it just shows his level of perfectionism in every single part of the creative process. He must follow it from his first creative spark to the end product, and make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed. His creativity always astounded me. He thinks on his feet, can come up with creative ideas in the blink of an eye, and constantly hones his craft, learning all he can along the way. It was a sheer pleasure to work with Tim. He would be an asset to any company. Just make sure the editor is well skilled or he or she will run screaming from the building.


Sandi Pearce


Crispin Porter + Bogusly - Boulder, Colorado



To whom it may concern: Tim Rose is a VEEERY creative, multi-talented and passionate person, where you can feel that he loves his job and does it by heart in a professional way. I have loved and enjoyed to work with him, he was always a fair, constructive and helpful partner. It’s a pleasure to know him and he s an interesting character. I would employ him without any doubt. 


Christian Pott

Creative Director

Publicis Europe - Vienna, Austria



Its been a pleasure working with Tim at MKTG. He's added greatly to Mary's Gone Crackers with highly effective advertising concepts, comprehensive brand guidelines, film production and sophisticated selling presentations. Tim is well versed in the needs of progressive CPG companies.


Joe Glorfield

Executive Vice President

Mary's Gone Crackers - California



We thoroughly enjoy having Tim as part of the team here at MKTG. His passion and energy are contagious and our clients have been impressed by his work. He has worked on our Nike and Mary's Gone Crackers business consistently and has performed at a high level.


Patty Hubbard

President West Coast

MKTG. Inc.- San Francisco



Tim provided invaluable amounts of insight and creative energy to our team, churning out endless hours of energetic work that repeatedly blew the socks off our clients. Tim was as valuable in a pitch as he was with a pen (or mouse), and was one of the most dynamic forces on our team, seamlessly shifting between copy, visuals, and big picture strategy day after day. It's not every day that people have the opportunity to work with someone like Tim Rose, and I envy the team that is lucky enough to have him


Richard Tubman

Digital Director

MKTG. Inc. - San Francisco



I had the awesome pleasure of working with Tim on a recent campaign at MKTG Inc. that encompassed print ads, video, and more. As a Creative Director, he gives spot-on guidance, has fantastic insight, and knows just the right tweaks to take the work to the next level. He’s an insanely gifted writer and art director, has a great sense of humor, stays refreshingly calm under pressure, and has an infectious passion and drive for creating kick-ass creative work that resonates.


Stephanie Orma

Copywriter / Design & Travel Writer / Illustrator

Travel & Leisure Magazine - San Francisco

In April, 2018, I was invited to work on a pitch for the Norwegian furniture company, Stressless through the Tombras agency in Knoxville. Here, I'm directing the film shoot.

In April, 2018, I was invited to work on a pitch for the Norwegian furniture company, Stressless through the Tombras agency in Knoxville. Here, I'm directing the film shoot.